3rd Quarter contest result

Open section   

Medal Gold : 角斗 / 余寧台

Medal Silver : Catcher Rhythm / Mao, Lingyun

Medal Bronze : Blue Bar / Taborda, Joao     

Hon. Mention : Wonnder Light 5 / Chan, Yu Wai

Hon. Mention : Northern Cardinal 2 / Chen, Bob B.

Hon. Mention :  双親 / Zhong , Xin Hua

Hon. Mention :  母爱伟大 / Zhong , Xin Hua


Theme section


Medal Gold  :      The Portuguses Lovers / Taborda, Joao 

Medal Silver :  渔夫 / Huang, Nian Q

Medal Bronze:  回头是岸 / Zhang, Chengbin

Hon. Mention:   击打 / Huang, Nian Q

Hon. Mention优:  Heart ring / Zhao, Jinyu

Awards and Featured Works

We already updated the Award List and Standings on our website 

Awards List

All member can upload your 4th Quarter Contest now, for all oversea member, you can use the same theme as last three quarter for the theme section. Will close at 2015/12/05, 6 PM. US Eastern time. 

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