The Photographic Society of New York (PSNY) was founded in 1949 by Wellington Lee, an outstanding and highly successful Chinese American photographer, based in New York, who had won numerous awards and international acclaim for his work in photography. Co-founders include photography enthusiasts, Yook On Hom, Gai Wong, Soo Hoo Check, Larry Fong, Henry Lee and Mun Sheuch.  The Society held its first International Exhibition of Color Transparencies in 1955, the first such event ever organized by a Chinese photographic society. In 1973, it held its first International Salon of Color Photography, an event it has continued to hold annually without interruption ever since. In 1972, it initiated its honors system to encourage its members to strive for excellence in their work.

In Sep. 9 1982, PSNY was formally registered in New YorkState as a non-profit society. To promote better liaison and exchange with photographic societies around the world, PSNY entered into agreements to exchange honors with the China Society of Overseas Photographers, (Beijing, PROC), the Guangdong Photographers ASSN. (PROC), the Jiangsu Photographers Assn (PROC), the Taipei Hsien Photographic Society (ROC), the Kaohsiong Photographic Society (ROC) and the Photo Club KBC of South Viet-Nam and etc.. . PSNY also established sister society relationships with the Guangdong Association of Young Photographers and the Photographic Society of Malaysia and links with the Photographers’ Society of Taipei and other organizations. Through the on-going efforts of our members and the support of friends of the Society, PSNY has grown from strength to strength over the past sixty years to become an internationally recognized organization.