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John Davis, APSA, PPSA, presented Presidential Coins on his visit to the Photographic Society of New York in mid-July 2014

Recipients included: Yook Dak Lee, Rick Mei, Xiao Ying Tony Shi, Sam Zhan, and Cecilia Liang

Presidential Coins were given at the Photographic Society of New York (PSNY) to:

Yook Dak Lee, Honorary Life President of the PSNY

Tony Shi, Director

Sam Zhan, President of PSNY

Cecelia Liang is the PID Salon Chair










Rick Mei, Secretary of the PSNY was presented his award by PSA President John Davis, APSA, PPSA, in a hospital where Rick Mei was a patient



















The Photographic Society of New York was founded in 1949 by Wellington Lee, Hon FPSNY, Hon FPSA, Hon Life Board Chairman, and Founder.

In the early years of PSNY, most of our members were interested in monochrome and color slide photography.  They sponsored our First Color Slide International Salon in 1955 and two more salons after that.  The first salon considered a forerunner in photographic history by a Chinese camera club in the world.



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